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What it's like to buy a Comic Book Collection

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

With summer coming to a close, and all the kids going back to school (including moving my first-born into college), I thought it would be fun to give you a quick story on one of my latest finds.

Stumbled upon another comic book collection recently from a local dealer who was getting out of the hobby, for the most part. Super nice guy, but his days of travelling to local cons with a van full of long boxes, he decided, needed to come to an end, as he'd been doing it for many years. He really just felt like it was time to focus on his personal collection.

So, I travelled to his home and spent a couple hours in the garage rummaging through a majority of the 22 long boxes that he was looking to sell. Everything was nicely bagged and boarded but there really was no organization within the boxes themselves. Most boxes had random comics from Golden Age to Modern Age...and publishers ranged from Marvel to Dell to DC to major independents like Archie, Dark Horse, and Image. It was all over the map! A few boxes seemed to be organized alphabetically, but that was the minority.

I have some links further down in this blog to a few YouTube videos of me going through entire boxes, but here are some pictures of some random comics from one of the more organized boxes, as well as snapshots from a few of my videos.

After a few hours of moving around boxes in the sweltering garage, I decided this was a collection I could use. Partly for adding books to my PC but mostly because I saw value in sorting these boxes and creating runs of books that I can list in my ebay store and sell to people who will enjoy them. There are many books I'll also be able to sell as singles, but most will be lots or runs, which people really seem to enjoy buying to help fill their own runs. In addition, there are a few books I'll be cleaning and pressing before sending off to CGC.

So, I discussed the value of the collection with the owner and we went back and forth a couple times on price before we came to an agreement and I became the new owner of yet ANOTHER comic collection. I felt the agreed upon price was a little more than I wanted to spend, and the owner felt it was a little less than he wanted. In my opinion, this is usually a sign of a fair deal, and both of us were happy. Next step....loading up the car.

Here's what the car looked like with all 22 long boxes loaded in the back (and some in the front). This is definitely the most difficult part of the hobby, in my honest opinion. Lugging long boxes from one place to another is a necessity if you want to be in the comic hobby. It's not fun, although when you've just bought a collection, the excitement of carrying your newly acquired treasures to your car makes it a little more bearable.

Once I got back to the warehouse with the collection, it was just more of the same.....carrying one box at a time from the car to the place where these long boxes will sit (with all the other collections) until I get around to beginning the sorting process. There are quite a few boxes ahead of them, so these may not see the light of day again until next Spring.

All in all, a good experience and thousands of comics that will be made available for all kinds of collectors. If you want to see some videos of me going through entire boxes of the collection, I have listed links to those videos below.

Thumbnail from one of my YouTube videos

Click below for videos from the various boxes in the collection:

Part 1 ---> Click Here

Part 2 ---> Click Here

Part 3 ---> Click Here

Part 4 ---> Click Here

And...if you're looking to buy any comics, don't forget to check out my ebay store. We are growing each week and listing more and more books, including ones we got from this most recent collection.

Click the picture to go to my ebay store:

I'm also on Instagram, so please check out my page. Lots of content there, including many major key issues that aren't listed on ebay. Give me a follow on IG.

Click the picture to go to my Instagram page:

Well, that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed this quick story of my latest comic book collection acquisition. Hope everyone had a great summer. I'm really looking forward to the Fall and forthcoming Holiday favorite time of the year. As always, please feel free to reach out to me through email...or even a phone call. Always enjoy talking with fellow collectors. Until next time...

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